In all these piano years, Rodrigo Lana has participated in the work of many artists and has also been part of important groups and projects, such as Diapasão, of which he was the founder. However, one of the main forces of the musician is the piano solo allied to the keyboard and virtual timbres. Whether to express his feelings or create pieces of study, there are many compositions that he has brought to the world, with the most varied approaches and styles.

His solo performances are usually filled by his original music and some rereadings (always very particular and original, exploring the melodies and the percussive character of the instrument). Rodrigo presents us his interior in the form of notes, melodies, chords and his body expression. In addition, he has a passion for the music of the world and, in his shows, invites us to know what is beyond our borders through his eyes, ears and hands.


Songs To Shorten Distances is a show that unites literature and music. It presents 8 music poems turned into songs, each one from a portuguese-speaking country and all by living writers, besides stories of this universe.

The album was recorded in Brazil at Music Mundi, with production of Isabella Bretz and Rodrigo Lana, coproduction of Matheus Félix. It was released in Portugal (mainland and Azores) and also reached Cape Verde and Iceland. Other invitations to different countries have been received and these distances will be shortened soon.


Exploring music in a variety of ways, Rodrigo Lana created the Pop Nouveau band, which unites the fun of pop music and the energy of rock with good taste and elegance. In the repertoire, great international and national successes. The formation of the band is unusual and features Rodrigo on the keyboard (with piano option for the acoustic show), Daniel Monteiro on drums and the beautiful voice of Lívia Itaborahy. The meeting of their different experiences, knowledge and tastes results in a unique sound, full of energy and consistency, even with the minimalist format. Pop Nouveau has performed in important social and corporate events, but also presents itself in places open to the public.

The band plays hits from great artists such as Amy Winehouse, David Guetta, Michael Jackson, The Beatles and several others.

Pop Nouveau features two show formats:

* Acoustic – ideal for receptive and small places;
* Plugged – that values ​​a dancing and modern repertoire.

The two shows can be presented separately or together.


The award-winning pianist Rodrigo Lana and the singer Livia Itaborahy (formerly participant of The Voice Brasil) currently present a show entirely dedicated to the composer Milton Nascimento.

With an intimate piano and voice format, the repertoire includes themes such as “Coração Civil”, ” nima”, “San Vicente” and unforgettable partnerships such as “Nos bailes da vida” and “Encontros e despedidas”, with composer Fernando Brant.

The Duo, formed in 2017, has in common the admiration for the honoree and the intention to gather people through music.

In addition to the show dedicated to Milton Nascimento, the Duo often performs at events and shows with varied repertoires.